15 Feb / 2018

The games and the right suite for you

What are the 3 different suites and which will work best for me and my system?

Starluck Casino Online provides you with 3 different software suites:

The Download Deluxe Suite is our most advanced game suite, featuring the best looking graphics, realistic sound effects, and super fast speed.

We recommend that you play on the Download Deluxe Suite, except if your system is incapable of downloading and running it, in which case you should use one of our no-download suites (the Web Deluxe Suite or Basic Suite). To find out which suite will work best on your system, please see the Which Suite is Best? section.

3.2 What games are available in each suite and mode?

Not all the games run on all the suites, and graphics for each game will vary depending on the suite. All games on all suites are single player only. Our progressive jackpots are available in the Web Deluxe Suite and Basic Suite, and will be added to the Download Deluxe later this year.

For a complete list of all the games and which ones run on which suite and in which mode, see the Game Instructions & Rules chart which shows a list of all the games and which suite each appears in.

3.3 How do I use the Starluck Casino Online Web Deluxe and/or Basic Suites?

It is easy to use the Web Deluxe Suite and the Basic Suite. Basically all you need to do is login and start playing! The system will automatically detect which of the two no-download suites is most compatible for your browser.

If you are playing in the Web Deluxe Suite and have difficulties, you may need to try playing in the Basic Suite. You can choose between either no-download suite at any time.

Similarly, if you are in the Basic suite, you should try to upgrade to the Web Deluxe or Download Deluxe suites as the games will be much more fast and fun.

3.4 How do I download and install the Download Deluxe Suite?

Simply click ‘Play Now’ (off of the center of the home page, or on any other page in the site if you are not logged in) and select the “Download Deluxe Suite” option, enter your email address and click ‘Continue.’ The software will automatically start the download and installation process. For more details on this procedure, please see the Download Deluxe User Guide.

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