How to attract customers to your restaurant with Google Adwords

This is the eternal question that arises in restoration. In fact, the answer is simple: your restaurant must have excellent visibility in the digital world. It’s not an easy task, but it’s not impossible if you choose the right decisions and actions. Google is the platform that brings together the features we use most on the Internet. That’s why it’s essential to get noticed on Google, because that’s where the majority of customers are.

Google adwords for restaurant

On Google, it is possible for a brand to consistently attract customers without advertising if it regularly publishes well-targeted content, and multiplies its interactions with Internet users every day. Nevertheless, in the face of the multitude of competitors, making this bet is like choosing a slow and risky path. This is where Google Adwords comes in:

This Google tool allows you to organize online advertising campaigns, via ads that appear in the company’s various products.

Why does a restaurant have a strong interest in advertising with Google Adwords?

Not only is there every interest, but it is almost an obligation if he wishes to achieve the following objectives:

  • Improve your visibility and position yourself in research.
  • Attract customers.
  • Invest in a flexible and modern form of advertising.
  • Advertise locally in your neighbourhood or region, but also globally to attract customers from all over the world.

Well programmed, Google Adwords can become a great tool to help you sell out, and it can be combined with other platforms such as The Fork, Facebook Ads and TripAdvisor Ads.

These are ads that can be published in different places in Google products (search engine, Youtube, Gmail, Maps…) and in different formats such as text-only ads that appear in the first search results, as well as ads that are very important for restaurants, such as geolocated ads.

Google Adwords operates on a system of keyword-based offers. Advertisers, in this case restaurants, try to appear in the very first results when the customer searches on these keywords. Google, for its part, carries out an evaluation and prioritizes the ads corresponding to the best offers, as well as those with the highest scores (depending on the content of the ad). This system allows a restaurant that has made a good offer with the keywords “La meilleure entrecôte de Paris” to appear at the top of the search engine ranking when a customer enters these keywords to do his search.

And, as the Adwords page states, “you only pay for the results“. This means that registration to Adwords is free and that the restaurant will only pay if the customer looking for the best entrecote de Paris clicks on his ad.

Another interesting fact is that it is not mandatory to invest a minimum amount, nor is there a minimum time limit for carrying out campaigns. It is possible to schedule an ad marketing plan over a year or to publish a one-time ad to promote a special event.

The key is to develop a good strategy and of course to have created a homepage where customers are directed after clicking on the ad, for example the restaurant profile on The Forks and which allows them to book directly.

Some companies like Instaon are specialized in Adwords campaigns and will help you set up campaign for your restaurant.

The trick is done, the card is ready, and it is varied and attractive. So….

Where to start?

A possible first step is to define the objectives of the ads. Their purpose may be to promote the restaurant’s brand and make it known in order to attract customers interested in the restaurant’s gastronomy and style, or to advertise one-off events or new services.

In this respect, a key factor in customer searches on Google is the geolocation of restaurants, as consumers increasingly tend to search for restaurants in the immediate vicinity, so it is important to also define the scope of the ads.

Finally, it is crucial to determine the device on which the ad will be published (computer, mobile phone, tablet or all three), as it is necessary to apply different format settings to obtain optimal results on the chosen device(s).
KNOWLEDGE: Everything shows that Adwords ad campaigns designed for mobile phones, giving priority to messages corresponding to geolocated searches, are those likely to be the most successful.

Important points…

The gastronomic offer and geolocation used as keywords

As a general rule, a restaurant ad on Adwords should be based on keywords that specify the restaurant’s gastronomic offer and geolocation, such as “Asian cuisine in Stockholm”, “vegan in Rome”, “hamburgers in Madrid”, as these are the keywords that customers will use to search for a restaurant on Google.

Invest in priority in ads to consult on mobile phones

Most of us use our mobile phones from morning to night, our world revolves around our mobile phones and, as we have noted above, they monopolize restaurant research. A wise strategy is therefore to invest in mobile phone advertising from the outset.

A very good idea is to create ads that allow the user to display additional photos of the dishes by touching and scrolling the ad. Indeed, customers do not want to simply click on an ad, because they are now used to more interaction.

Test and re-test your ad over and over again

There is no magic formula for creating the ideal ad and the best thing is to test different solutions until you have developed an optimal ad and template to follow for each objective. A generic ad that aims to attract bookings will not be the same as an ad that encourages customers to come and celebrate Valentine’s Day in your restaurant. It is therefore in your interest to test regularly, by modifying the title, description, homepage, and to study which combination works best in each case.

All over the world
, millions of customers on Google are looking for a place to enjoy a gastronomic experience. Which restaurant would choose to miss the opportunity to distinguish itself in this research and attract all these customers? Not much, probably! We therefore encourage you to create your Google Adwords campaigns and become a star of the digital world.

Are you full? Always!